1. First check to make sure you have all the parts you need. 

2. Remove the thumbscrew from the T-brace. This will allow us to slide it onto the tripod base. 

3. Remove the other thumbscrew from the Tripod Base as well. 

4. Take the plastic sleeve from inside of the T-Brace and put it part way down the Tripod Base as shown. 

5. Slide the T-Brace over the shaft of the Tripod Base and overtop of the plastic sleeve from the previous step. 

6. Replace the thumbscrew on the T-Brace. Only tighten it slightly as you'll want to adjust the stand to your guitar later on.

7. With the u-mount parallel to the J-Pole, insert the U-Pole, being careful to line up the small bump with the small notch in the J-Pole. Once the U-Mount is all the way in, turn it 90 degrees. It should be loose so that it can adapt to your guitar's headstock. 

8. Insert the J-Pole into the tripod base and install the second thumbscrew. Again, keep it relatively loose until you've measured with your guitar. 

9. When you've had a chance to hold your guitar beside the stand to get the right hight, tighten the tripod base thumb screw down tight.  

10. Lastly adjust the T-Brace so it rests on the back of your guitar (not the Jamstack amp) and then tighten the screw fully. 

Enjoy safe and instant access to your guitar and your Jamstack attachable amplifier!