Currently, Jamstack works with third party software apps.  You can find the list of apps below.  Some of these are paid software and some are free.

Please note that for ANDROID, the only app available right now is DEPLIKE. 

Tonebridge9000+ pre-sets from popular music which are easily searchable.iOSFree
DeplikeSuper low latency and great tones.iOS + AndroidFree
+in app purchase
Garage BandPremium tones and recording suite.iOSFree
TonestackExtremely authentic tones, with granular control of the signal path.iOSFree
+ in app purchase
AmpkitTones of pedal choices and clean and easy interface.iOSFree
+ in app purchase
TabsThe largest repository of guitar chords. Also integrates
with Tonebridge to sync up with the tone of the song.
VulseTurns your phone screen into a control interface.iOSFree
Clear TuneGreat analog style tuner.iOSFree
LoopyCreate music by layering looped recordings.iOSFree
+ in app purchase
SpireGreat vertical recording software.iOSFree
YousicianIndustry leading learning software that allows you to follow a
bouncing ball and listens to your playing.
iOSFree sample lesson
+ paid lessons
UberchordEffective learning software for playing chords along to music.iOSFree
JamUpMulti-effects processor for guitar and bass. Sharing
community with over 10,000 presets from artists & users.
+ in app purchase
AmplitubeMobile guitar and bass tone studio with lots of other tools
such as a drum machine. 


+ in app purchase

RocksmithLearn guitar in super fun Rock Band style game.iOSFree
+ in app purchase

Extremely authentic tones, with granular control of the signal path.